Friday, June 15, 2007

Security Summary: June 15, 2007

Above: A soldier with the 12th Infantry Division scans the street after a grenade attack in the Dora neighborhood in southern Baghdad today.

Baghdad- The Iraqi government extended the curfew imposed on the Iraqi capital Baghdad till Sunday morning, Iraqi Prime Minister's office said on Friday.

Falluja- Four successive blasts were heard on Friday afternoon as the U.S. base, north of Falluja, came under a mortar attack, local residents in Falluja said.

Diala- An armed group stormed a mosque in Diala, central Iraq, and set it ablaze, eyewitnesses said on Friday.

Basra- The southern Iraqi city of Basra has been placed under indefinite curfew after the bombing attack that destroyed a Sunni shrine in al-Zubair district in the city, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's office said on Friday.

Wassit- U.S. forces stormed Sadr's office in Sawirah, just southeast of Baghdad, killing one Sadrist and arresting another, eyewitnesses said on Friday.

Baghdad– Four U.S. soldiers were killed and another wounded in two separate attacks in Kirkuk and Diala, the U.S. army said on Friday.

Kirkuk– A child was killed when an explosive charge went off near an Iraqi police patrol in northern Kirkuk, a Kirkuk police source said on Friday.

Karbala– The Iraqi police arrested a suspected "criminal" on charges of kidnapping and killing a civilian, an official source in the Karbala police said on Friday.

Basra– A Sunni shrine in Basra was destroyed by explosive devices during the early hours of Friday, a security source from al-Zubair police in Basra province said.

Samarra- Two civilians were killed and others were wounded by Iraqi and U.S. snipers as they enforce curfew in Samarra, while hundreds if Iraqi police and army forces arrived in the city to secure the road linking Samarra to Baghdad and to protect the Shiite golden mosque, a police source said on Friday.

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