Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Perspective: Many troops return to war, but half never go

Even as troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are serving longer and more often - three, four, even five times - roughly half of Americans in uniform have not been sent at all.

That's partly chance, partly a matter of timing. It also illustrates the massive organization on the home front to support an army in the field.

Whatever the reason, it didn't seem fair to Marine Sgt. Matthew Clark, who sits behind a desk in Illinois but has asked to "go to the fight" instead.

"All these other Marines are going - they've been a couple times," said Clark, who's been in the service since 1998. "It's about time that I get out there and give someone else the opportunity to stay home."

The 28-year-old logistics officer at Scott Air Force Base will get his chance - he recently got orders to transfer this summer to a unit going early next year to Iraq.

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