Thursday, June 21, 2007

Michael A. Bechert dies 'on 14 June in San Antonio, Texas of wounds suffered when his vehicle struck an IED on May 30 in Baghdad'

For the 85th time, the military reports that a Hoosier soldier died from wounds suffered in Iraq. Now, the family of 24-year-old Michael Bechert is beginning to come to terms with their loss

The Army called Michael Bechert a "Staff Sargeant". His young wife Daneila called him "husband" and "father."

"He was a great father, husband. A young, fresh young man. He fought for his country and died for it," said Daneila, Bechert's wife.

The couple met in Germany where the Army had Bechert assigned to the First Infantry Division. They had a baby boy 20 months ago.

"When he married me, he said he needed someone that he could take care of, and then he married me, and then he actually had two peoples," said Daneila.

Bechert suffered his fatal wounds May 30th when his vehicle hit a bomb in Baghdad. He died in Texas where Army doctors were trying to save him.

"Why did we go into Iraq, explain this to me. Why did we go in there when there was nothing there? The whole world told us to stay out. Why did we go in there?" said George Bechert, Michael's grandfather.

Along with his wife and young son, he leaves behind the grandfather who raised him. His grandfather doesn't understand why he will have to plan a funeral rather than a triumphant homecoming.

"Why are we doing this? Why are we killing off our young men? It's not worth it, not worth it," said George.

Michael Bechert was serving his second deployment in Iraq when he suffered his fatal wounds. The army awarded him a Purple Heart for wounds suffered during his first tour of duty. His funeral arrangement are not complete.

From WTHR 13