Friday, May 11, 2007

Truck bombs explode on 3 Baghdad bridges, killing at least 26 and damaging spans

Above: U.S. Marines take control of the New Diyala Bridge in April, 2003. In the current bombing, reports say the first bomber damaged the Old Diyala Bridge. Minutes later truck bomb detonated on the New Diyala Bridge. Both bridges are main thoroughfares for Shi'ite pilgramages to southern holy cities.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Truck bombs exploded on three important bridges near Baghdad on Friday, killing 26 people and damaging two of the spans in an apparent attempt by insurgents to paralyse road links to the Iraqi capital...

Police said suicide truck bombers struck police checkpoints on two bridges in a Shi'ite area south of Baghdad, killing 22 people and badly damaging one bridge. They said 60 people were wounded.

An Iraqi army source said a truck bomb also hit a bridge near the town of Taji just north of Baghdad on the main highway connecting the capital with cities in the north. He said it was quickly followed by a car bomb that killed four soldiers there.

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