Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Travis F. Haslip dies of 'wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle'

Teachers of an Ooltewah soldier who paid the ultimate price for his country remember the twenty year old.

The Pentagon reports Private First Class Travis Haslip died Saturday when an improvised explosive device went off near his vehicle. He was among six soldiers killed in the explosion.
Haslip only walked the halls of Collegedale academy for one year as a freshman in the class of 2005 But he left his mark on the teachers he left behind.

Marty Miller taught him biology.

"If I could sum it up in one word he was a sweet kid, you know, he was, never caused any problem. He was quiet but he was always attentive,” Miller says. And he says the sweet, quiet kid got involved in extra curricular activities, playing in the school band.

Band teacher Richard Hickam remembers "Travis was a quite guy. He played the base clarinet in band. He was always where he was supposed to be. He had a great smile.”

News that he was killed in a roadside explosion in Iraq brings the war closer to home for Hickam.

As the conflict wages on, those who know one of the latest casualties remember the soldiers who have already given their all and pray for those who're still in harm's way.

"My heart and thoughts are with the family and for those that are still serving over there that god will protect each one and we can be done with this conflict and they can come home,” Miller says.

Private First Class Haslip was based in Fort Hood, Texas. He was reportedly deployed to Iraq in October after joining the military in December of 2006 as an infantryman.

From WDEF 12