Monday, May 14, 2007

Security Summary: May 14, 2007

Young Iraqi men celebrate near a burning Danish military truck which hit a roadside bomb, killing 1 and wounding 5 in Basra today.

Diala- U.S. forces raided and arrested eight gunmen who were positioning a fake checkpoint in south of Khalis district in Diala province, 57 km northeast of Baghdad, an eyewitness said on Monday.

Baghdad- Unknown gunmen on Monday afternoon intercepted and attacked a minibus carrying civilians in southern Baghdad, killing eight passengers and wounding four more, a security source said.

Mosul- Iraqi police patrols found two unidentified bodies dumped in southeastern Mosul, 402 km north of Baghdad, while three explosive charges were defused in the Sunni city, a police source said.

Basra- A Danish soldier was killed and five others were wounded when an explosive device was detonated near their vehicle patrol north of Basra, the Danish Ministry of Defence said on Monday, while a police source said that British forces freed three Danish servicemen, whom were kidnapped earlier by unidentified gunmen.

Baghdad- Iraqi police patrols on Monday found 18 unknown bodies dumped in different parts of Baghdad, a police source said.

Arbil- A truck collided on Monday night with a motorcade of a senior figure from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), killing two Kurdish party senior members and injuring five others, a source from the PUK said.

Diala- Three policemen were killed on Monday in an armed attack, while a total of 15 suspected gunmen were arrested during a security crackdown carried out by a joint force of Iraqi and U.S. troops in Diala, a police source said.

Baghdad- At least two Iraqi soldiers were killed and four others wounded on Monday in a suicide bombing in Baghdad, a police source said.

Baghdad- An explosive charge went off on Monday targeting a U.S. patrol in western Baghdad, destroying a Hummer vehicle and leaving an unspecified number of casualties, a police source said.

Baghdad – Iraqi security forces wounded one gunman and arrested 66 suspected militants in several areas of Baghdad over the past 24 hours under the Baghdad law-imposing plan, the Baghdad operations command said.

Falluja – The Falluja public hospital received six unidentified bodies found by policemen in two separate areas of the city, a hospital source said.

Baghdad – The U.S. army said 4,000 U.S. soldiers are continuing the search for three soldiers kidnapped in an attack waged by gunmen a couple of days ago in southern Baghdad.

Baghdad – An explosive device attack that targeted an Iraqi police patrol in Zaafaraniya, southern Baghdad, killed one civilian and wounded 13 others, including four policemen, a security source said.

Baghdad – Two people were killed and seven others wounded in two separate car bomb attacks in central and eastern Baghdad on Monday, an Iraqi police source said.

Baghdad – U.S. forces killed an Iraqi policemen while on duty in the district of Abu Dsheir, southern Baghdad, a security source said.

Missan – A former member of the dissolved Baath Party was killed in central Amara by unidentified gunmen on Monday, eyewitnesses said.

Diala– A group of unidentified gunmen stormed several schools in the district of al-Khalis, Diala province, and threatened to bomb them if they did not close the schools down, school teachers in Khalis said.

Mosul – Two civilians were killed when an explosive device went off in southern Talafar district, Ninawa province, the Talafar police chief said.

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