Thursday, May 31, 2007

Report: Britain assembles elite special force to hunt for kidnapped

Above: British Special Air Service (SAS) commandos are considered perhaps the most elite anti-terror special forces in the world.

Britain has assembled an elite squad of 20 police, military and intelligence operatives to hunt for five kidnapped Britons in Iraq, The Times of London reports.

The team is in London ready to fly to Baghdad as soon as the British Embassy summons it with leads in Tuesday's kidnappings, the newspaper said.

As many as 40 men abducted the Britons at gunpoint outside the Iraqi Finance Ministry.

The new hostage squad has members of elite SAS and Special Boat Service, specialists from Scotland Yard's Serious and Organized Crime Command, which has a hostage and crisis negotiations unit, along with agents of MI6, the foreign intelligence agency, the newspaper said.

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