Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kenneth N. Mack dies 'while conducting combat operations'

FORT WORTH A North Texas marine was among at least 18 U. S. servicemen killed in Iraq over the weekend.

Master Sgt. Kenneth Mack's family shared memories of their fallen hero Monday night.

Early Saturday morning in Iraq, Mack was on patrol in Iraq. Hours later in Fort Worth, a Marine knocked on his wife's door.

"From what we've heard, the Master Sergeant was out in the Al-Anbar province out on a regular mission," said his wife Peggie Mack. "Coming back in around 4 a.m. our time, a roadside bomb exploded and took his life."

In a flash, a 23-year Marine Corps career was over, and Mack was gone. He leaves two brothers, a mother, five children and his wife.

"He was all about family," said Peggie. "He made sure we did things together, activities together. Even if was just some kind of game here in the house; like the kids would always play him in chess. Once in a while they'd get to a level they could beat him, but I know he mostly let them beat him."

Mack had a medal to recognize his first tour of duty. He and the young marines he commanded came home without a scratch.

"That meant a lot to him because it was always a goal in his life to be a mentor in some way, not only to his children, and the children in the neighborhood, but all children," said Peggy. "I told him my days are bright, but they're brighter when you're with me. He's going to be truly missed."

From CBS 11