Thursday, May 03, 2007

Clint (William C.) Moore laid to rest

BENSON, N.C. -- An entire town gathered to say goodbye this afternoon to Staff Sergeant Clint Moore of Benson.

Moore was among nine Fort Bragg paratroopers killed in a double suicide bombing in the Diyala province of Iraq just over a week ago.

He was on his second tour of duty.

Moore was a 27-year-old graduate of South Johnston High School. He grew up near Benson and many of his family still call the area home. So when the family needed a helping hand, the town rose to the occasion.

The loss of someone so close made the events of what is occurring overseas hit home for many people.

Lena Maultsby's nephew recently returned from Iraq.

"It takes a big chunk out of your heart knowing your family was there also," Maultsby said.

Today Main Street turned into a town tribute.

The rumble from the motorcycles turned to reverent silence. With a firm salute and hands over hearts, the funeral procession moved past.

Betty Wheeler knew Moore since he was a child. Her sister is Clint's aunt.

"This is very moving, and I'm very appreciative of everybody that has taken the time from their work to do this, it means a lot," said Wheeler. "We are very fortunate to have young men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us that are here."

Locals here always thought Main Street Benson was a special place, today just confirmed it even more.

From NBC 17

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