Wednesday, May 16, 2007

After false report of death three weeks ago, Joseph Anzack's family again praying for safe return

After suffering heartache over an incorrect report three weeks ago that their son was killed in Iraq, Joseph Anzack Jr.'s parents are praying he will once again turn up alive and safe...

"We're praying that he's alive," his aunt Debbie Anzack said...

Three weeks ago, rumors began circulating that Anzack had died in Iraq. His high school even posted a message outside the campus reading: "In Loving Memory Joe Anzack Class of 2005."

The military temporarily pulled Anzack from a mission to call home and dispel the rumor.

A high school football star, Anzack is an accomplished gunner in Company D, 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment - nicknamed the "Polar Bears."

"He is a one-man army. He is awesome," his mother Theresa Anzack said. "He wouldn't go down without a fight, and I believe he's fighting for his life right now and I believe he's coming home."

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