Friday, April 27, 2007

Security Summary: April 27, 2007

An Iraqi woman opens the gate of her house to Iraqi army soldiers conducting a search and raid operation in the town of Hilla today.

Kirkuk- Unknown gunmen on Friday shot dead a human rights activist in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a security source said.

Falluja- Unknown gunmen on Friday attacked and killed a university professor in eastern Falluja, 45 km west of Baghdad, a police source said.

Baghdad- U.S. forces detained four suspected gunmen in the Shiite Sadr city in eastern Baghdad, the U.S. army said on Friday.

Kirkuk- Iraqi police patrols on Friday found three unidentified bodies dumped in different parts of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a security source said.

Hit- At least fifteen people were killed and twenty five others were wounded in the suicide bombing attack that targeted the house of the chief of Hit police in western Iraq, a medical source said on Friday.

Khanaqin- Five gunmen were arrested by a joint force of Iraqi army and police personnel near Khanaqin district, 165 northeast of Baghdad, a police source said on Friday.

Baghdad- Three U.S. Marines were killed while conducting a military operation in Anbar in western Iraq, the U.S. army said on Friday.

Baghdad- U.S. forces arrested nine suspected gunmen on Friday during raids in different parts of Iraq, including a suspect described by a U.S. army statement as "leader of an al-Qaeda group responsible for kidnapping Iraqis."

Baghdad – A prisoner was killed after other inmates in the U.S.-run Bucca prison in western Basra assaulted him, the U.S. army said on Friday.

Mosul– One civilian was killed when an explosive device went off near him in southwestern Mosul, 402 km north of Iraq, on Friday, a police official said.

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