Saturday, April 07, 2007

Report: 1250 refugees from Tal Afar now living in Mosul camp

A man prays outside his tent at the refugee camp in Mosul yesterday. The Red Crescent socity is Iraq's version of the Red Cross.

A total of 246 families from Talafar, whose houses were destroyed in the March 27 bombing incidents, arrived in the city of Mosul, Iraq's Red Crescent Society said on Friday.

"The society provided shelters for the families, composed of 1250 people, at a camp set up next to Ninawa's eastern wall and more families will follow," Shamil Muwaffaq, the Society's official in charge of security in Mosul, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

He said the camp has got all the humanitarian needs: water, foodstuffs, medicine and blanket.

Talafar was the scene of bloody incidents last week when several car bombs blew up in areas inhabited by a Shiite majority, followed by nighttime armed militias' raids on houses of Sunnis, who were led outdoors and executed.

From VOI

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