Monday, April 16, 2007

Perspective: Navy steps up search for new SEALs

CORONADO, Calif. — In the past year, Naval Special Warfare Command and Big Navy kicked off a full-court press in the quest to expand the force of Navy SEALs.

They beefed up recruiting, assigning SEAL commandos at each recruiting district, and targeted a larger pool of young athletes and achievers. They’re growing a mentorship program for prospective SEAL recruits to help them along at boot camp.

Recently, with the help of a hired consultant and a high-level board of senior officials, they began experimenting with new concepts, including a recruit division at Recruit Training Command dedicated to SEAL candidates to foster teamwork, expand physical training and improve performance so more recruits would successfully complete entry-level training on their way to becoming naval special warfare operators, or SEALs.

An initial glance may show the first step toward success.

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