Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Opinion (Mary Pitt): What we have lost in Iraq

We have lost in Iraq.

These words spoken by Senator Harry Reid have raised the Republican hackles and created headlines. While, actually, these words were predicated by a phrase which was widely overlooked, "Unless the President changes his plan." However, even if we "win" the war in Iraq, what will we have won? How does that compare with what we have lost?

First and foremost, we have lost the lives of well over 3,000 of our most precious treasure, the young men and women who might have been our future leaders and certainly would have been mother and fathers, factory workers, professional people, and generally productive and responsible citizens. Add to that the many thousands of lives that have been blighted by permanent disabilities, both mental and physical, due to the wounds and horrors which they have needlessly suffered. And the question will endure as to how much more they will suffer at the tender mercies of the VA health care system.

We have, as a nation, lost our moral compass...

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