Monday, April 09, 2007

Hundreds of thousands rally in Najaf against occupation

Iraqi flags at today's rally. In Sadr's March 30 statement calling for the rally, he said, "You, oppressed people of Iraq, let the entire world hear your voice that you reject occupation, destruction and terrorism... Fly Iraqi flags atop homes, apartment buildings and government departments to show the sovereignty and independence of Iraq, and that you reject the presence of American flags and those of other nations occupying our beloved Iraq. Keep them there until they leave our land." Thousands of flags have appeared since.

NAJAF, Iraq -- Hundreds of thousands of Shiites burned and trampled on US flags Monday as they gathered in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf for an anti-American rally called by firebrand cleric Moqtada Al Sadr on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Large crowds of men, women, and children holding Iraqi flags and anti-US banners massed in Najaf and the nearby twin city of Kufa to protest against what they said was an American occupation of Iraq...

In the capital Baghdad, where four years ago Monday a giant bronze statue of Saddam was torn down, dramatically symbolizing the fall of his regime, security was tight.

A 24-hour vehicle curfew was in place and all Baghdad's key roads and bridges were deserted as people remained indoors for fear of attacks.

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