Friday, April 06, 2007

Deployed physician assistants offered free online ongoing training, certifications

Physician Assistants are non-physician clinicians licensed to practice medicine with a physician's supervision (although the supervision need not be on site or direct), and are required to hold a masters degree in medicine. A combat medic is a soldier trained in providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield, equivalent to a civilian EMT (emergency medical technician). Combat medics in the Navy are called corpsmen.

Sometimes, mahogany bookcases filled with medical texts just don’t seem practical.

But physicians’ assistants in Iraq and Afghanistan still need reference material, and they still must update their certifications.

The Graduate Education Foundation has announced it will provide those resources for free over the Internet for service members who need access to information about cardiology, emergency medicine, infectious diseases or psychiatry — to name a few of the 18 medical and surgical topics available. The courses are provided in conjunction with the American Academy of Physicians Assistants and the Physician Assistant Foundation.

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