Thursday, April 19, 2007

Air Force calls 300 reservists to active duty for 10 days in 'testing process'

Two Air Force reservists from the 327th Airlift Squadron, 913th Wing, Willow Grove Air Reserve Station in Pennsylvania pilot a Hercules C130 during a combat support mission

More than 300 Air Force Individual Ready Reserve airmen are scheduled to be activated June 18, gathering at Lackland Air Force Base. About one-third of them will be assigned to other locations before the entire mobilization test wraps up just 10 days later.

The high-speed activation is called “Push-Pull 2007,” part of a Defense Department test of the process for calling up the IRR, officials said April 17.

“There are no immediate plans to mobilize the Air Force IRR,” said Lt. Col. Steven Cramner, the Reserve adviser at the Headquarters Air Force Personnel Readiness Division. “The Air Force has not activated the IRR since Operation Desert Storm. We are, however, obligated to exercise our mobilization processes and systems to maintain a basic level of preparedness.”

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