Thursday, March 29, 2007

Perspective: The ‘Wal-Mart of western Iraq’

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq — Most of the logistics Marines don’t lament the fact that their combat comrades, who are outside the wire hunting down the bad guy, get more attention...

“Everyone has their place in this fight, and this is ours,” Harris said. The supply company has about $133 million worth of inventory stored at Camp Taqaddum, the logistical hub for all forces serving in Anbar province. “We are the Wal-Mart of western Iraq,” joked Capt. Sean Murray.

The stock is divided into 25,000 categories — everything from uniforms and fire-resistant Nomex gloves to screws, bolts, bullets, bottled water, toilet paper, transmissions, engine parts, tires, radios and radio parts — all stored in roughly one square mile of Camp Taqaddum.

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