Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Perspective: Iran spy chief's disappearance a mystery all its own


The disappearance of a former Iranian spy chief has raised speculation he has been kidnapped by Mossad or the CIA.

Ali Reza Azkari, 63, who headed Iran’s intelligence operation in Lebanon in the 1990s liaising with the local Shia militia, Hizbollah, went missing last month during a routine visit to Istanbul.

One report said after leaving Teheran he never made it to the Istanbul hotel where a room had been reserved in his name. Another account said he arrived in Istanbul but then disappeared, leaving luggage still in his hotel room.

With his whereabouts unknown, one theory circulating today is that he had been kidnapped either by Mossad or the CIA. His experience and background would make him a highly attractive target for both agencies.

But another theory reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is that he might have defected.

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