Saturday, March 17, 2007

Multiple chlorine gas attacks kill at least 2, injure 350

A woman cries over her son while waiting at a hospital in Baghdad following a chlorine gas attack in February. Chlorine gas reacts with water in moist tissue, such as the eyes and lungs, to create acid, which burns tissue. A few breaths containing chlorine at a thousand parts per million can be lethal.

BAGHDAD, March 17 — The American military command said today that two Iraqi police officers were killed on Friday and more than 350 people wounded or sickened in three suicide attacks in Anbar Province using trucks filled with chlorine gas...

The first attack on Friday occurred around 4:11 p.m. when a pickup truck containing chlorine gas blew up near a checkpoint northeast of Ramadi... About two and a half hours later, a second dump truck filled with chlorine gas exploded near the town of Amiriya, south of Falluja, killing two police officers... A third suicide bomber driving a dump truck containing a 200-gallon chlorine tank detonated himself about 37 minutes later in the Albu Issa area just south of Falluja, the authorities said.

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