Friday, March 02, 2007

Jordan tightens rules on Iraqi immigrants

Iraqi refugees in Jordan

Jordan has introduced new regulations to stem the flow of Iraqi refugees entering its territory.

The law states refugees fleeing the violence in Iraq must carry a new type of passport only available since 2006.

A BBC correspondent in Jordan says the law means its borders will be almost closed to Iraqis, hundreds of thousands of whom have already fled to Jordan.

The new G-Series passports are issued only in Baghdad, and are often only obtainable in return for a large bribe.

Jordan has become safe haven for anything up to one million Iraqis, but in recent months the flow has been drying up as border regulations have been tightened, the BBC's Jon Leyne says.

Britain and the US have also stopped recognising the old S-Series passports, which they say are easily forged.

Our correspondent says the measure will increase the feeling of insecurity shared by many Iraqis in Jordan, and many will fear leaving the country in case they will not be allowed back.

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