Saturday, March 24, 2007

Iraqi colonel missing from Alabama air base

Above: The soon to be retired F-117 and its replacement, the F-22A, at Maxwell AFB for the 2006 air show. Left: Air University at Maxwell trains hundreds of Iraqi officers in a year-long program as part of the effort to rebuild the decimated Iraqi air force.

An Iraqi military officer attending an Air Force training program in Montgomery has disappeared and is being sought by federal and local law enforcement, a U.S. Customs official said Thursday.

Temple Black, a spokesman for Customs at its New Orleans office, said the Iraqi was attending a U.S. Department of Defense training course. The Iraqi's identity was not released...

The Washington Times reported Thursday that an Air Force colonel disappeared along with his family after taking a leadership training course at Maxwell since last fall as part of U.S. efforts to rebuild the Iraqi air force. The newspaper, quoting an official familiar with the case who was not named, said the Iraqi "left a note stating that he was leaving the yearlong military course because he did not want to return to war-torn Iraq."

From the Decatur Daily News

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