Sunday, March 25, 2007

Henry W. Bogrette reported killed in Iraq

MASSENA, N.Y. (AP) _ A 21-year-old Marine from northern New York has been killed in Iraq, according to family and friends.

Henry W. Bogrette, from Richville, was a military policeman. His grandmother, Joan Neuman, said two Marines in dress uniforms came to her door early Friday to tell her that Bogrette had been killed Thursday in Iraq.

A graduate of Hermon-DeKalb Central School, he spoke to students last fall about the realities of war, Superintendent Ann Adams said.

"He talked to the kids for a long time, and everyone really got something out of it," Adams said. "It was brave of him to talk about those things, and everyone agreed that it's time to think about ending this war."

Andrea Hazelton, a friend from home and MySpace pal, said by e-mail that Bogrette took pride in being a Marine in Iraq.

Neuman said she had raised Bogrette and his brothers and sisters after their father was killed in a car accident in 1990. He has two siblings in the military. "This is wrong, and I hated the fact that he was over there. But I know that's what he wanted. And I am so proud of him for that," she said.

Richville is 102 miles northeast of Syracuse.

From Newsday