Friday, March 30, 2007

General Barbero: Suicide attacks, car bombings up 30% since security crackdown; Another child used in bombing

Boys gaze at a pool of blood from yesterday's Baghdad market bombing, which killed 62

WASHINGTON, March 30 (Reuters) - A U.S. general on Friday said suicide attacks and car bombings soared 30 percent since the start of a security crackdown in Iraq last month, and that insurgents had used a child in a second suicide attack last week...

According to the general, a teenage boy was used in a suicide bombing in Haditha on March 21.

Barbero said Iraqi police were pursuing a suspicious vehicle. As the police drove past a 12- to 14-year-old boy on a bicycle, a bomb in the teenager's backpack detonated, killing him instantly, he said.

That came three days after insurgents in Baghdad detonated a car bomb with children in the backseat, Barbero said.

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