Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Perspective: 'I discovered I was pregnant from a rapist'

"I'm a 22-year-old Christian student in Iraq. Two months ago I was raped by an Iraqi soldier following a raid at my home.

"I thought very hard before agreeing to tell my story. But I cannot allow other girls to suffer the same violence I suffered. Maybe by knowing what happened to me, the world will be aware of what is happening to women in Iraq, in addition to being discriminated against and lacking support.

"With the exception of my older brother, Khalil, all my family had left for Amman, Jordan and then for Sweden. I was waiting to finish my last year at university before joining them. Only I and Khalil stayed behind. One day, while he was at university, a group of Iraqi soldiers raided our home saying that they had information that there were insurgents in the area.

Read the rest at Reuters/Alternet