Saturday, February 24, 2007

Manuel Ruiz has services ahead of burial at Arlington

It was a day of mourning and remembrance in Federalsburg. Navy Paramedic Manuel Ruiz's family held a public viewing. Ruiz was killed in Iraq earlier this month when his helicopter crashed near Baghdad. Hundreds of supporters visited the Framptom Funeral Home to pay their respects. Some mourners were family members, some were friends, and some were people who'd never even met Ruiz.

Ryan Simms, a co-worker of Manuel said, "you walked in the morning, might be in a bad mood from just waking up, but you walked in, saw him and's gonna be a good day. Everything he did was exciting. He always had an adventure he was working on."

Chris Abbott, a high school friend said, "if everyone else was having a bad attitude, you could always go to Manuel and he'd cheer you up. He was just a great guy. You couldn't have a better person as a friend than Manuel."

Walter Gould, a retired Navy Serviceman said, "I think Manuel's parents needed to know that other Navy people appreciated his service."

Family friends offered there condolences too. Ernie Baker said, "he was just easy to get along with. He had no worries." Anna Durham said, "he was a real nice kid, friendly, always helped people out." Amanda Baker said, "he was a wonderful kid, happy and always smiling. I don't think I ever saw him with a frown on his face."

Manuel Ruiz will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

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