Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Donnie R. Belser slain by sniper

Sniper fire claimed the life of Capt. Donnie R. Belser, Jr., 28, on Feb. 10th near Baqubah, Iraq. Capt. Besler, who was on his third deployment since the "Global War on Terrorism began, died while on patrol during combat operations.

Capt. Bessler was from Anniston, Ala. He joined the Army in April 2001 and began serving with the 1st Infantry Division that October.

He was an advisor assigned to the 524th Transition Team, of the 1st Infantry Division. The 524th TT is attached for operational purposes to the 3rd Brigade Combat team with the 1st Cavalry Division. Before Deploying to to Iraq as an advisor, he was assigned to the 610th Support Battalion, 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

Capt. Besler's Death brings the total number of soldiers deployed from Ft. Riley to have died in the war in Iraq to 84.

From WBIW 13