Thursday, February 15, 2007

Alan W. Shaw killed in explosion during breaching operations

Staff Sgt. Alan Shaw, 31, of Little Rock was killed along with two other soldiers Friday. He served in Baqubah, which is about 35 miles south of Baghdad. He was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Shaw's father, Jarrell, says his son and two other soldiers were killed while checking a booby-trapped building.

Shaw served four years in the Marine Corps before joining the Army for two tours in Iraq. He was with the 1st Cavalry, Bravo Company.

Shaw's mother, Noramae, says, “He was over there to keep us free, to get rid of the terrorists and to help the people in Iraq. I think he did it because it was something he needed to do.”

Shaw is survived by his wife, Charrelle, and three children.

He was the 49th Arkansan killed since the War on Terror began.

From THV 11