Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Perspective: Iraq war vet works out anguish on the stage

Sean Huze wrote and produced last year's critically acclaimed "The Sand Storm: Stories from the Front". His new play, "The Dragon Slayer", about an Iraq veteran's struggle with PTSD will premiere this year.

The day I met with two Iraq war vets at a Hollywood theater was even bloodier than most in Iraq. Two car bombs at a market killed 88 Iraqis Monday and wounded 168. Between Friday and Monday, 30 American troops were also killed.

Sean Huze, a vet, actor and playwright, can't help himself. He keeps checking the Internet for the latest, and every time he does, he sees the troop casualty count rise.

"Twenty-seven over the weekend," said Huze, who lives in Valley Village and doesn't go long without a cigarette. "It was 13 dead and then 16. I woke up the next day and it was already up to 25. And Lindsay Lohan's first day in rehab was still the most viewed story on Yahoo news."

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