Friday, September 01, 2006


So, going into the fourth year of the quagmire, with thousands dead, thousands more maimed and injured, hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, and no end in sight -- why another blog?

It started with a personal campaign to spread the word "Iraq-Nam". I lived through that era. Those who didn't will still recognize the meaning of the word. From that, grew this.

The point, and the purpose here is to simply present the facts and events, and let them tell the story of Iraq-Nam.

Tragically, there is no end of material. In less than the first 24 hours this blog already had 60 relevant posts.

But beyond that, and what matters most, are the people whose stories are told here... for this will be the true legacy of Iraq-Nam.

A legacy which will affect the world for decades to come, and individuals for a lifetime.

A legacy being sculpted by each of us, and all of us, day by day.

Spread the word: Iraq-Nam.