Sunday, September 02, 2007

David Heringes remembered by family

Sgt. 1st class David Heringes, a 36-year-old husband, father and son, died during combat operations near Tikrit Friday.

An IED rocked his vehicle, while he and his unit were on their way to rescue some fellow soldiers.

His father Ron tells us David was right here he wanted to be, despite the continuing dangers in Iraq.

"He was doing what he wanted to do, defending our country, and he was a hero," Ron Heringes said.

Even as a child, his father says he showed a tremendous sense of adventure.

"He was just a just a daredevil, that's all we can say. I mean there is nothing, nothing this boy feared, I mean he was just a typical little guy that loved life and everything around it."

David and his immediate family have been living in North Carolina, where his 5-year-old son Logan now faces an unthinkable life without his father.

His family says he is a youngster already full of pride.

When the chaplain came to their door to deliver the news...

"He had to put on his military uniform for the man and show him that he's an army man too and had to take him in the room and show him a picture of dad in the army uniform with David you know with Logan, the two of them together."

So his loved ones now wonder why.

Even as millions of Americans wonder the same about the entire mission.

"I couldn't say a bad thing, even though I lost my son there, I can't say anything bad about our President or our country, they're doing a job that has to be done."

Sgt. Heringes also leaves behind a stepdaughter and a sister in Wesley Chapel.

He was originally scheduled to return this month, but his tour was recently extended until November.

From Fox 13

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